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Mamma Torre always advised "Never go to a dentist who has bad teeth". This same philosophy drove the reason for our agency name. Spitball was strategically named and branded to deliver an immediate sense of our culture, creativity and borderless thinking.



anthony torre

Anthony is the heart, soul and cruise director of Spitball, leading by example to deliver relentless passion and child-like energy to every project. No pebble is unturned in his insatiable quest to create ideas that break through the clutter. It doesn't stop at delivering powerful campaigns, Anthony inspires the team to be "always on" thinking about their clients' business. He's obsessed with clients feeling the Spitball love day in and day out.

Anthony brings his prior agency success on Band-Aid, Dentyne, Trident, Halls and Johnson & Johnson to Spitball and has led client success and growth for Cholula Hot Sauce, Atalanta, B&G Foods and others. This love of food fuels his self-proclaimed chef status, where his culinary masterpiece is cilantro garlic wings. When Anthony isn’t jotting down the next big idea, he’s a proud father of two girls who keep him busy and soon up at night.

steve bailey

Steve is the creative engineer behind the agency who's more apt to play a behind-the-scenes role and letting the collaborative team take the spotlight and glory. As a natural born problem solver, Steve inspires the Spitball team to approach each client task in a cerebral creative way to dig deeper and understand the underlying opportunity to transform business and audience insights into a compelling idea.

Steve has worked in both creative and strategic roles with Century21, Horizon BCBS and State of NJ. At Spitball, Steve is proud of the team successes he has overseen for iCIMS, Reckitt Benckiser, IEEE and others. Steve is a father of two young boys - looking forward to seeing them become basketball players, architects or whatever profession-of-the-day they choose.


Thanks to our dedicated clients, Spitball has grown each year since we started. No sales person. No funding. Just good ol’ fashioned blood, sweat and ideas.

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