Reaching Untapped Talent

We saw a big problem. Each time we have opened our doors for new hires, we have been distressed by the thin margin of applicants who feel prepared for a career in our industry, and the even thinner diversity of those applicants’ backgrounds. As a leading creative agency in New Jersey, we took a decisive stand not to accept these limitations to who is out there. It was clear that the visible talent pool in front of us was far from all-inclusive. So, we widened our scope.

A New Scope of Possibilities

At Spitball, we believe that collaboration and creativity are renewable resources that only grow stronger when shared with more people.

We have passion for the work we do and appreciation for having found the secret door to career success. We founded KALEID (pronounced kuh · lide) as an initiative to hold that door open for a wider spectrum of new talent.

We want to help the students and undiscovered talent of today turn their fresh perspectives and unique experiences into viable and vibrant careers, in turn making our industry a place where ideas and opportunity truly KALEID.

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It’s never too early or too late to consider the potential of your passions, talents, and ideas. Through KALEID, Spitballers have spoken to, collaborated with, and mentored the next generation of thinkers from high schoolers to young professionals. Our power to affect positive change comes from not just offering the following services, but collaborating with schools and youth organizations to create custom programs as well.



Case Study Presentations


Professional Panel Discussions


Guest Lecturer Classes


Student Portfolio & Project Reviews


Practice Interviews & Resume Building


Custom Learning Workshops


Illuminating the Potential of High Schoolers’ Creativity

The art teachers at Manchester Township HS sought to introduce their students to a life in art beyond the classroom. Spitball opened our doors quite literally, hosting a custom creative workshop with the students in our Red Bank studio. We took the time to learn about each student’s career aspirations and exposed them to the unique path of each Spitballer. With that exchange of ideas and stories fueling our creativity, mixed teams of students and professionals worked to deliver a pitch against a creative brief in the same way we dive into our client projects.

Inviting College Students to Experience Real World Work

Through Kaleid, Spitball has built a strong relationship with Brookdale Community College, the perfect place for us to do a lot of good in our own neighborhood. In one particularly in-depth engagement, Spitball created a 2-day program with Intro Marketing students. On day one, agency directors of account and strategy presented how we work on one of our largest brands and fielded questions from the students. On day two, our creative team led a creative workshop inviting the students to brainstorm, iterate, and present ideas for that same brand.

Passing the Torch to Young Professionals

One of the founding principles of Kaleid is that no one achieves great success without help, and so mentorship is vitally important. A perfect example of that was when our Account Director, Kristin, worked directly with a young woman for over a year to help her understand the industry and carve out a professional path after graduation. One on one engagement with Spitballers not only gives young talent direct access to professional advice, but also builds friendship within our industry that ripples outward into the greater community.

"Engaging and educational. I appreciate how you covered marketing yourself and building relationships. I asked if students were inspired or still fearful and many shared a resounding: inspired."



Adjunct Instructor

"I believe that was an invaluable exercise! The students learned so much in regards to using their creativity in such an open-ended way, and the parts that go in to advertising a product or idea. It was fantastic!"

Manchester High School


Visual Arts Teacher

"Thank you so incredibly much for coming to speak to our Graphic Design class last night. That was fantastic on so many levels. It was especially nice having the varying insight from a fresh-hire to agency owner."

Brookdale Community College


Graphic Design Teacher


Whether you are an educator looking to immerse your students in real world experience, a student who is eager to know what opportunities await, or a professional who wants to get involved in our mission, shoot us a spitball (or message). We look forward to widening our scope of possibilities together.

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