B&G Foods


"It's YOrtega" Campaign

B&G Foods, a leader in consumer food products such as Green Giant, Cream of Wheat, SkinnyGirl, Victoria and Mrs Dash, was looking for an exciting new brand platform to set Ortega apart from the taco category. Consumers commonly referred to brands as the “blue box” (Ortega) or the “yellow box” (Old El Paso).

After digging into consumer research and quick interviews, we discovered a simple but powerful truth, Taco Night was one of the few nights where the whole family had a part in the end result. Spitball tapped into these findings and explored the adventurous side of taco night where people can personalize their own meals through toppings, ingredients and styles to create…“YOrtega”. This visual and audio mnemonic was the perfect catalyst to launch a new brand platform.

Dinner Theater

The campaign could have simply lived in static digital versions, however Spitball saw the opportunity to bring the brand and campaign to life. Spitball rolled up our sleeves to deliver a series of video spots that allowed the brand to get the most of their marketing budget. The video campaign brought different family member personalities to the table to embody the brand’s ethos and audience’s sense of adventure. From an artist and a magician to the young inventor and adventurer, Ortega invites consumers to play with their food through these unique, creative narratives that puts endless possibilities right in their hand.

The spots were carefully constructed to maximize production efficiencies through the use of green screen compositing, stop motion capture and branded motion graphics. The campaign spots were featured in OTT and online video placements.

Crunch Time

In addition to a series of commercials, the campaign launched with multiple in-store units that highlighted innovative new product launches while amplifying the adventurous spirit of taco creations.

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