Space to Inspire


ARTMS tasked Spitball to go "nuclear" and blow up the industry norms and repetitive competitive messages. Communicating the unique benefits of their system needed to inspire change like no other competitor was saying to demonstrate the tremendous impact it can have for patients.

The nuclear medicine community is skeptical of new technology. After years of supposed game-changing products turning out to be nothing more than empty promises, they have become immune to the "latest and greatest."


Using audience research as our North Star, Spitball wanted to connect benefits, not features, to audience messaging. Often new technology focuses on the product and its technology, which didn’t resonate with this highly educated audience. With the potential to exponentially increase production of key isotopes for tremendous medical benefits, we needed a campaign that didn’t just rely on numbers or technology, but rather we needed to appeal to the inner hero within every member of this community in a grandiose way.


We hit hard on the community’s inherent need to have impact on the patients they serve, no matter their role in the industry. 'Expand Your Reach' drove home the production problem that ARTMS solves and the end result of creating a healthy world through an out of this world visual.



To create further meaning for the brand in the nuclear science community, we launched a full video series reaching our audience on YouTube and LinkedIn.


Reaching a highly niche audience within the nuclear medicine community takes more than pulling a few Kantar and MRI reports. We interviewed key personas in the field to unearth publications that they not only interacted with, but more importantly trusted most. Armed with these insights we built a plan centered around reaching them in Nuclear Medicine publications with the most credibility and reach.

Our plan was layered, first driving brand consideration through targeted ads on these industry pubs to reach our decision maker audience. The power of hyper targeting resulted in impressive month-over-month CTRs but also a highly engaged audience that had above average Time on Site metrics. Programmatic retargeting of video units on broader platform sites reinforced brand storytelling which led to significant view-through-rates.

The targeted media plan exceeded plan goals, and helped drive leads and sales for the business.

ARTMS has doubled our install base since we started working with Spitball and we are forecasting doubling again in 2022.
As a small company transitioning from the research to commercial space, we needed partner that was willing to understand our business, challenge us and provide guidance on how to best approach our branding strategy. Spitball has done all of these things for ARTMS and has delivered on time, on budget and is a joy to work with on a daily basis.
Doug Gentilcore
Chief Commercial Officer