Content, Size, Sound: 
Sharpshooting Online Video

Consider this, how often do you find yourself on your mobile phone while around other people? Are you the gal or guy with your volume blasting the latest viral video on the bus ride home? If you are, just a heads up – no one wants to be that person.

Within today’s society, 80% of consumers are watching video on mobile without sound on1. Simply put, our mobile experiences are super personal to us and we don’t really want to share what we are consuming aloud with the people in the real-world around us.

In addition to audio staying muted, 85% of videos that run on small mobile screens are created to fit oversized panoramic television screens2. Much of the content consumed by many audiences are through mobile screen time.

So, what does this mean?

Great mobile creative is one that tells a story with your brand or product as the main focus. Getting to the point quickly and making every second count is essential. Make sure what you are saying and showing is able to engage your audience with the shrinking content size on mobile.

Re-evaluate how you use audio. Audio can still be used to help tell a story or convey a feeling, but not be heavily dependent on delivering an entire story. In this personal experience, audio should not be used to get people to stop or get a consumer’s attention but rather as a simple supplemental element in the grand scheme of mobile content creation.

Finally, consider vertical formats to truly match the format of the mobile consumer experience. In an increasingly mobile world, shouldn’t we design content to fit how people experience it?


1 Source: AdWeek and Teads TV, November 2018

2 Source: Zenith, May 2018