Website Design

Strategy, Concept and Development

Achieve3000, headquartered in New Jersey, is an educational platform that provides differentiation learning. It adapts to the level of each student in the classroom to help individual students learn at different speeds. They came to Spitball for something different. Their current website lacked any personality and suffered from usability issues that affected lead generation.

Spitball developed a new website strategy, architecture, design and technology platform. At the core of the strategy was to provide web content that catered to the specific Achieve3000 audiences – which include District Administrators, Teachers and Parents. Each have their own unique needs. Spitball created a new information architecture based on this strategy.

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At the heart of the website redesign was replacing the lifeless, corporate look and feel with a something that had more energy and personality. A unique illustration style was combined with photographic elements to establish the brand design – which was used across all marketing materials. The website brought this design to life through a parallax effect as users scrolled through content. The website not only featured product content but acted as a resource and community for teachers and parents.

A full content management system was developed using the Django framework that focused on efficient content maintenance for non-technical staff to update.