Arm & Hammer Deep Clean

Product Launch

Arm & Hammer has long been one of the most trusted laundry care brands through their effectiveness, quality and innovation. Never content at remaining status quo, Arm & Hammer sought to hang other brands out to dry with their most powerful odor and stain fighting formula yet.

The brand turned to Spitball to help create a one-of-a-kind launch for their sales force, national retailers and internal teams to launch Arm & Hammer Deep Clean. This had to be a roll-out like nothing before and Spitball was challenged to create multiple breakthrough elements to energize the base.

Spitball looked to get the crowd excited early through a pre-launch meeting mailer. To play off the concept of “Deep”, Spitball leveraged the use of 3D printing to create a playful message delivery system that was below the surface of what was expected. A double-sided postcard with detachable 3D glasses revealed key product benefits through fun riddles.

Image description

Once the curtain was raised for the presentation, the brand premiered a Spitball produced hype video. The reel brought the product to life though pulse-quickening videos, product features and a pumped up soundtrack to get people out of their seats.

The video was partnered with a technical demo that broke down the intricate science behind the formula. After thorough consultation with the talented Arm & Hammer research and development team, Spitball created a storyboard and narrative to bring an intricate story to a consumer level. Both the video and demo were used to clean up during key sales appointments.

To finish off a complete 360 experience, Spitball created a post-mailing that continued the 3D theme through a custom-printed box. Recipients also received product samples, literature and pathing to the produced video assets.