QIS Product Campaign

"Expand Your Reach"

ARTMS is revolutionizing nuclear medicine through innovative products that enable production of the world’s most-used diagnostic isotopes. ARTMS’s QIS system enables exponential isotope production and efficiency to help institutions with countless healthcare solutions around preventable diseases.

To introduce ARTMS to the world, Spitball produced this ethereal sci-fi animation to capture the astronomical shift that ARTMS is bringing to the universe of nuclear medicine.

Targeted Media Plan

Reaching a highly niche audience within the nuclear medicine community takes more than pulling a few Kantar and MRI reports. We interviewed key personas in the field to unearth publications that they not only interacted with, but more importantly trusted most. Armed with these insights we built a plan centered around reaching them in Nuclear Medicine publications with the most credibility and reach.

Our plan was layered, first driving brand consideration through targeted ads on these industry pubs to reach our decision maker audience. The power of hyper targeting resulted in impressive month-over-month CTRs, but also a highly engaged audience that had above average Time on Site metrics. Programmatic retargeting of video units on broader platform sites reinforced brand storytelling which led to significant view-through-rates.

The targeted media plan exceeded plan goals, and helped drive leads and sales for the business.