Bask & Bins

Brand Launch

Bask & Bins is an exciting new premium children’s clothing brand that hangs its hat… and socks… on utilizing only quality, organic threads for their diverse product lineup. Struggling with getting off the ground and into customers’ hands, they turned to Spitball to jumpstart their delightfully adorable success and get Bask & Bins in front of the masses.


Previously underwhelmed by their existing photography which lacked personality and a true human connection, Bask & Bins tasked Spitball with revamping their entire asset library to better feature their products. We strived to best capture not just the premium quality of their products, but also the heartwarming joy they bring to the little ones who wear them. Through a mix of studio product shoots and a lifestyle photoshoot with some of the cutest models out there, Spitball illustrated the client’s true vision for the brand in a way that is authentic to only Bask & Bins.

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eCommerce Website

Now armed with vast library of product photography, Bask & Bins required a place to sell them. After a shortly-lived stint on Weebly’s platform, Spitball recommended moving their web presence over to Shopify to best align with their goals and embrace their future growth. Enabling a seamless shopping experience and providing customers with added features such as a custom bundle builder, gift registry and more, we were able to develop a website that mirrors the brand’s premium nature and drives an increase in sales.

Visit the website at

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Social Media

In addition to leveraging the newly captured photography across the Bask & Bins website, Spitball created a social media plan to highlight additional assets across Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Creating a mix of organic photo-based posts and illustrated animation graphics with paid support, we were able to successfully target audiences, introduce them to the Bask & Bins brand, and transform them into brand loyalists.

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