Battery Stretcher

Product Identity and Launch

Branding and Product Video

Battery Stretcher does exactly that – stretch your battery, at least the charge it holds. The beauty of electrical engineering found in a sticker increases the flow of electrons to improve the battery efficiency.

Battery Stretcher Logo

Spitball created the brand logo combining key elements of the name and purpose. The letter B was combined with a S forming a lightning bolt signifying power to create a ‘powerful’ brand identity.

Product Video

To help raise funds for our client through Kickstarter, Spitball was tasked with creating a simple video that told the benefits of the product. In classic Spitball fashion, we ratcheted it up a few notches. A complete script was written and storyboarded to chronicle a typical car ride with the “Taylor Family”. However, things take multiple turns for the worse when their phones die at the most inopportune times. In the process, young Johnny adds a few choice words to his vocabulary. This all could have been avoided if the family simply used Battery Stretcher. The custom illustration and animation work was produced by Spitball.