Reckitt Benckiser

Botanical Origin

Product Launch - Brand Campaign

Reckitt Benckiser, makers of Lysol and other household brands, looked to bring a new plant-based laundry detergent to market. With strong players already dominating the space and poor consumer perceptions of efficacy of plant-based products, Spitball was up to the challenge to create a successful product launch. 

After digging through significant research of category, competitive and audience data, Spitball set its sights on defining the overarching brand strategy to define differentiation, personality and key message pillars. Overcoming consumers who were wounded puppies and others who perceived plant-based to be inferior drove Spitball’s focus to ensure the communication was to-the-point while the creative broke through the sea of sameness. 

From our collaborative strategy and creative process, Elevate Your Clean rose from a wide range of distinguishing concepts. It directly addressed not compromising between safety and efficacy, while secondary messages reinforced key audience interests in choosing laundry products. The creative design leveraged an organic, hand-drawn style to reinforce the product attributes while bringing new life and energy to the category.

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Spitball built a robust brand book outlining key brand tenets while an asset library established the look and feel of graphics and photos to arm the Botanical team in a variety of channels. 

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Spitball also developed an arsenal of digital and social assets that kickstarted the direct-to-consumer product launch. The brand’s online, Amazon, social channels and digital marketing had an integrated strategy and visual presence.