Building Benjamins

Branding, Logo, Website Design

Going to a financial advisor is the traditional way to invest. However with digital transformation, robo-advisors are taking a bite out of the traditional investment business. With robo-advisors popping up every week and two large behemoths owning a big piece of the marketshare, Tradition Capital Management needed to disrupt the market with a unique offering.

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The founder and chief investment officer saw an opportunity to combine his first name and the nickname for $100 dollar bills into the name of the newest roboadvisor, Building Benjamins. It also was inspired by the underlying difference of their service. It wasn’t founded and built by technologists, it was powered by better, smarter investment advisors. Having a long-standing investment business that has access to a wider range of investment vehicles, Building Benjamins offered greater diversity in their portfolio. This diversity and strong base of investment knowledge reinforced the use of Benjamin Franklin who dawns the $100 bill and the brand message of “Investing Just Got Wiser.”

The website design was focused on creating a unique look for the brand while communicating their core difference. The design aesthetic was inspired by the $100 dollar bill and specific design treatments were extracted to create a common motif.  Specific functionality, comparisons and calculators were built for the website that helped show the benefits of Building Benjamins. Specifically a Fee Savings Calculator was built that showed the net gains of Building Benjamin investments compared to the higher fees of traditional advisors at big brokerage houses.