CentraState - Freehold, NJ

Hospital Ad Campaign

Cancer Center Marketing

The Statesire Cancer Center at CentraState offered world-class procedures performed by leaders in medicine but few in the tri-state region viewed them as an institution that could deliver results comparable to neighboring behemoth Sloan Kettering. Spitball made a house call and developed a robust campaign that highlighted the various procedures perfected by their talented staff to better inform area patients and family about the level of care the hospitable provided.

A hallmark of Spitball is the depths we go to learn as much as possible about our clients’ business. We went molecularly deep this time. Spitball interviewed surgeons, nurse practitioners, patients, radiologists, front desk personnel and billing departments. We observed tumor boards, reviewed patient satisfaction surveys, examined the competitive landscape and sat in patient consults.

Spitball developed a series of creative units, each focusing on a singular procedure and clearly communicating their associated patient benefits. A custom photoshoot delivered the perfect tone of optimism and aspiration by featuring individuals who were able to carry on in life, enjoying the activities they love. Because the procedures were on the cutting-edge of science, technological flourishes were used to help bring attention to the treatment.

The media plan included billboards, digital, social and television.