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Color Creations Baking Soda

Product Launch

As creators ourselves, we were thrilled to hear about the new addition to the Arm & Hammer brand: colored baking soda that is perfect for quick, easy and non-toxic crafting! From bath bombs to Play Clay, there are a rainbow of possibilities and we could not wait to dig our hands in!

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Brand Personality

Being the #1 most trusted baking soda brand, Arm & Hammer is a name to live up to, but what can we say about Color Creations? Spitball was not only tasked with transferring the packaging to a practical, resealable bag, but also with developing a personality for the brand that goes beyond the bag and reflects the fun nature of DIY crafting, while communicating to Mom that Color Creations is an easy and convenient way to spend time with the kids. We focused on the product and the colors in a way that reflects the true core of Color Creations – Crafting! And what better way to represent a craft than with crafts? By incorporating illustrated icons within baking soda piles, we are not only showcasing the product, but also visually communicating quick, key messaging with each icon, reassuring the washable, convenient, and non-toxic nature of Color Creations Baking Soda.

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Influencer Marketing

To launch the new product, Spitball designed a gift box that lived up to the big reveal. With an intriguing bow and the Arm & Hammer seal of approval on the outside of the package, the unboxing made for a vibrant burst of color, revealing two packets of Color Creations Baking Soda to surprise some lucky creators out there.

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Digital Marketing

With the surprise gifts en route to Moms across the nation, it was time for the finishing touch: make Color Creations accessible to everyone! We hopped online to create a fun, yet informative page for Amazon A+ that speaks to the endless crafting possibilities, offering step by step recipes for inspiration, while also educating parents to inform their purchasing decisions. Everything you need to know is right there on the screen, all you have to do is click add to cart and start crafting!