Castle Foods

Crazy Maize Corn Snacks

Naming, Branding and Packaging

Having already mastered the science of spice and flavor, Kalustyan turned to Spitball to develop out a brand for their latest endeavor: corn snacks seasoned by a wide variety of delicious and unexpected spices. With just the product and a tentative name, we explored a number of possibilities before finding our way to a brand name, logo, and packaging that is just as fun as it is flavorful!

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Naming and Logo Design

At Spitball we love to push creativity as far as it will go, but we always make sure to stay true to the product at hand. So for a corn snack that packs a punch, we landed on the name Crazy Maize and created a sleek and modern logo that incorporates the ins and outs of a maze to establish a gaming-inspired look that is sure to win out on shelf.

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Dynamic Packaging

With the name and logo complete, we had only just crossed the starting line. We built out the brand by drawing inspiration from the product’s roots to reflect not only what it is, but where it comes from. We took a modern and interactive spin on the classic corn maze, creating custom maze patterns to distinguish each flavor and showcase the product in a unique way.