B&G - Cream of Wheat

Product Advertising

National Print Campaign

Nothing sparks that feeling of childhood nostalgia like a nourishing bowl of Cream of Wheat. This taste of home has warmed the souls of so many families over the years and the brand looked to connect with a new generation of spoon-wielders through a national print ad, exclusively featured in People magazine.

Through consumer research, Spitball found that the routine of eating breakfast was extremely personal, especially when it came to their oatmeal or cereal. People were passionate about things ranging from the milk-to-cereal ratios to type of spoon used. The most hotly debated topic, though, was what people added to their oatmeal to make it their own.

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Spitball tapped into this insight and looked to inspire consumers by challenging them to “Make Your Cream of Wheat Unique”. The print creative positioned the familiar bowl of Cream of Wheat as the central hero, with the supporting and subliminal cast of favorite toppings flanking the imagery. Raspberries, butter, nutmeg, chocolate chips, bananas, nutmeg, cashews, almonds, butter, strawberries, cranberries, apples, sugar, honey and cinnamon all earned a seat at the proverbial table, emerging as the leaders in a consumer survey.