La Viuda Food Company

De La Viuda Hot Sauce

Product Launch

When approached by an entrepreneurial group with strong global success launching brands to help bring their product to market, the stakes got pretty high. Spitball rose to the occasion, tapped into our extensive category knowledge and rolled out a high-impact brand launch that ignited a fire under the hot sauce industry.

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Coming into the project, Spitball knew that the congestion in the hot sauce category, the fastest growing segment in condiments, has made it difficult for brands to stand apart. Many align with the idea of intense heat, others lean more into flavor and more often than not, they land right down the middle with the contrived “balance of flavor and heat” message. After extensive research and multiple ideation sessions with key client stakeholders, a vision began to unfold which framed in our positioning. First, the packaging for De La Viuda hot sauce is absolutely gorgeous, featuring a beautiful watercolor tribute to the brand’s namesake, Señora Sanchez. The cultivation of particular herbs, spices and peppers were masterfully blended to create a masterpiece that brings the “The Art of Spice” to life. A key visual and messaging was established to set the foundation for the brand and campaign.


Spitball made the decision not to overwhelm consumers with fields of content. Instead, we wanted them to experience De La Viuda the way it was meant to be enjoyed: simple, selective and a visual odyssey that walked them through the Mexican countryside. The one-page site features parallax animations to engage users and further bring them into the world of De La Viuda. Custom recipe development and a photoshoot brought immediate credibility to the brand while inspiring consumers to experiment to create their own culinary works of art.

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To create intrigue, excitement and demand prior to product availability in store, Spitball rolled out a social teaser campaign on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, followed by Snapchap and Pinterest. Audience segmentation was carefully developed to introduce De La Viuda to fans of not only hot sauce but ethnic flavors as well. Followers jumped by 2,000% in the first month of the social campaign launch.

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In order to introduce the product to the world prior to the official launch, Spitball created a custom mailer intended to be distributed to high profile influencers, as well as notable media contacts. The kit, which could also serve as a keepsake because of its beauty, contained two bottles of De La Viuda as well as a welcome note or recipe card, depending on the audience. Spitball also conducted multiple ship tests to ensure that the kit carefully maintained the integrity of the bottle while in transit.