De La Viuda Hot Sauce

The Art of Social

Social Content Marketing

De La Viuda was looking to break from the norm when it came to social media and turned to Spitball to create uniquely branded content that mixed influencer and opportunistic creative posts, capitalizing on in-the-moment trends. Spitball produced a spectrum of content that attracted new followers and increased engagement.

We rooted De La Viuda in “The Art of Spice”, so our social presence needed to exude creativity. Through a myriad of in-house created posts, Spitball illustrated how a food brand can take “art” and leverage it in unique ways to highlight timely holidays, events, and where to get your sauce.

The creativity didn’t stop there. Spitball also tapped into ridiculously-talented female content creators throughout the month of March to celebrate Women’s History Month and their own passion for De La Viuda Hot Sauce.

With an active voice in the rapidly-changing world of social media, it was important for De La Viuda to keep up with trends… but with its own saucy spin on things.

And who are we kidding? People also love to see mouth-watering photos of delicious food. We were sure to serve up a multitude of beautifully-shot recipe photos to inspire creativity in kitchens across the world.

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