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Brand Storytelling and Website

From Platform-First to Field-Ready

Since 2008, Field Nation has been a leader in connecting freelance IT professionals with top businesses across the country. In order to attract more power users, Field Nation needed to transform its website into an effective sales-ready tool to properly speak to a new, more enterprise-focused audience. After an in-depth audit, the true disconnect appeared: while there was a lot of information about the platform, it didn’t speak to how Field Nation can truly impact their business, leaving them skeptical of what made Field Nation different from staffing agencies that burned them in the past.

Spitball stepped up to the challenge to define the difference, that it was the talent, not the platform, who powered Field Nation’s success. The “Your Field-Ready Workforce. On-Demand” narrative was used throughout the site, showing prospects the true value of Field Nation is the ability to tap into proven talent at and time.

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More Than Just a Refresh

What started out as a simple SpitShine™ of updating elements to the existing website’s theme quickly evolved into refreshing the entirety of the site’s purpose from the ground up. Rather than screaming technology and software everywhere – which may be perceived as cold or impersonal – it was our mission to switch gears and highlight the “Field-Ready Workforce” that you can only get by partnering with Field Nation. From a homepage header video focused on the industry category, to spotlighting actual technicians on their platform, and so much more, users can now better trust the product they get beyond just a leading piece of technology – off-the-shelf IT professionals when and where you need them.

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Brand Video

As part of the brand storytelling, Spitball produced a budget-friendly video that communicated the core Field Nation difference. The video was used in trade shows while cut downs were utilized on the web and digital marketing.