Finish 0

Product Launch

Reckitt Benckiser came to Spitball to help launch a new Finish product. Finish already stands for saving water by skipping the rinse – but its newest product goes one step further by eliminating unnecessary chemicals for an even cleaner clean. The challenge of launching the new product was not to diminish the existing product line but rather target the demographic the product caters to. Spitball helped define the audience and their mindset within the dishwashing market which informed our creative ideation process. The result was an extremely focused D2C pilot launch featuring 15 second and 6 second spots for OTT and OLV.

The campaign centered around a truly unique TV spot – with zero celebrities, zero obnoxious pitchmen, and zero special effects to show a detergent that has zero phosphates and preservatives can give you zero baked on stains. The synergy between creative and production, all under one roof, resulted in a spot that was budget-conscious while being extremely effective in communicating the core product benefit.