Hillmann Consulting is a well-known leader in the Environmental Health & Safety, Due Diligence & Remediation, and Construction Service industries. The problem that arose with their previous website, was that their vast quantity of service options visibly became too unruly for the everyday visitor of their site, resulting in unwanted bounce rates. By partnering with Spitball, we were able to significantly restructure the content of the website through a modern design, which now paths users to the content they need without jumping through any hurdles.

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By distilling Hillmann’s 20+ service offerings down into three main silos, and by decreasing the amount of content for each section, Spitball was able to develop a much more digestible website. In turn, this reduction of content encourages users to reach out to learn more, opening a greater line of communication between Hillmann and potential customers.

Visit the website at hillmannconsulting.com

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