Brand Advertising Campaign

"Agility Moves You Forward"

iCIMS turned to Spitball to create a new brand campaign as they looked to move more into the enterprise market. With this change came new challenges, new competitors and the need for a new messaging strategy. With big service and software companies currently servicing these enterprise companies, iCIMS needed to tap into the audience and drive home their unique positioning. With only 16% of HR professionals feeling confident in leading their company through digital change, coupled with iCIMS’ advantage in size and focus, a new brand strategy was created. Simply put, iCIMS provided business leaders the ability to adapt when scaling their business, which gave birth to the brand platform…

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This positioning and brand platform elevated iCIMS into an enterprise look and feel, while visually communicating the proposition. The hero visual aesthetic captured the idea of facing constant twists and turns in enterprise business while providing flexibility to communicate various elements of the entire brand and product story. The road also acted as a theme for other reasons to believe and product attributes.

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Unique Social and Digital Ads

Spitball took the inputs from the brand strategy research, positioning and audience to build a targeted, technology-enabled, immersive marketing mix that was created in lockstep with the creative strategy. In order to stand out in this competitive space, Spitball turned traditional and digital media into highly targeted and impactful executions. At the intersection of account-based marketing and persona targeting, Spitball implemented cover wraps to augment broad print ads. Standard ROS banners became unique social and programmatic digital buys to hone in on the specific HR and business leader audience to maximize efforts.


Creative Media Placements

Spitball’s creativity didn’t stop at visuals and messaging. Our media team had an unexpected curveball in reaching a competitor user base. But Spitball recommended taking over a city, not just an event. With airport dominations, taxis, trolleys and billboards, you couldn’t miss iCIMS. It took a traditional media approach and made it highly targeted. This smarter, data-driven Spitball-spin of tried-and-true media led us to implementing other innovative out-of-home placements in corporate geographies.

Scrappy TV Approach

Reaching this targeted audience in the enterprise market also meant the possibility of tapping into TV consumption. To maximize working dollars, Spitball took a scrappy approach by leveraging advancements in the linear TV space through a programmatic TV campaign. To produce the spot without breaking the budget, Spitball curated stock video of unique POV lifestyle and corporate clips that showcased both agility and pushing forward to capture the campaign concept.


Lead-Generating Creativity

Spitball’s mix of media was focused on awareness and consideration, while content strategy helped drive leads. The agility brand position informed content and extensions to continue the brand story with additional buyer personas. Spitball architected a communications plan across channels and through the funnel.

The website, video content creation, demos and direct marketing packages are just a few of the other initiatives Spitball worked on within the new campaign. Spitball takes pride in seeing the ongoing iCIMS success. Their leadership had a vision for the company, and together with the brand strategy and marketing rollout, iCIMS became the market leader for applicant tracking systems. Now with over 800 employees, it is a far cry from a few dozen when Spitball first started working with them.