TIME Thyroid Cancer Program

Microsite Design and Development

Spitball developed an unbranded pharmaceutical educational website about thyroid cancer treatments for Jubilant Draximage. The goal of the website was to ensure patients knew all of their treatment options – from “Wait and See” to surgery with and without radioactive iodine. All cancers have an instant fear factor but when it comes to treatment that includes nuclear medicine such as radioactive iodine, education is critically important for patients to understand.

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The website utilized a simple metaphor to communicate the main difference between the options – faulty car brakes. You could just wait and see what happens when you are alerted you may have a brake problem, or run the risk of it getting worse or even cause a tragedy.

The website was peppered with custom illustration work that gave it a unique, friendly, but educational value. Complex content was broken down into simple explanations for both the patient and caregiver, who is often critical in advocating for the patient’s desires.