Corporate Website Redesign

For over 70 years, the Kalustyan corporation has been a global behemoth in sourcing the finest herbs and spices from around the world. However, when looking at their corporate website, you’d think they only grew weeds. It was time to add a little spice to their business.

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Spitball put on our overalls and came to the rescue with a completely reimagined digital experience by creating a streamlined interface, a more logical navigation and an elevated visual aesthetic. The website redesign resulted in a digital marketing tool that was more representative of a company with the prestige of Kalustyan.


Before beginning the website redesign, Spitball met with key Kalustyan stakeholders to better understand their goals, objectives and aspirational wish lists for the website update. It became clear that their “secret spice” was their commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainability. Also, as holders of multiple certifications, Kalustyan wanted to proudly display these badges to further cement their position as global leaders. Spitball featured these key tenants front and center for the business partners, farmers and vendors who would be the primary users of the site.

Visit the website at kalustyan.com


What did the old website design look like, you ask? Well below is a quick before and after to demonstrate the level of spit shine our team performed.