When it comes to advertising for retirement homes and assisted living communities, consumers are often inundated with an amenities race highlighting the next, flashy place to live. Masonic Village, an award-winning retirement community located in Burlington, NJ, called on the experts here at Spitball to help break away from the sea of sameness within their market.

By studying the competitive landscape and conducting personal interviews with both residents and staff, we discovered that the people within the Masonic Village community genuinely embrace the camaraderie of their peers, harkening back to days when life was far simpler and allowed for individual personality to shine – high school. Putting the focus on the unique superlatives that embrace the actual people of Masonic Village at Burlington, the campaign “Welcome to Senior Year” was born.

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Knowing that moving into a retirement community isn’t always decided by the residents themselves, Spitball was sure to craft creative under the “Senior Year” umbrella to also speak directly to the health care providers and adult children of the retirees as well. Detailed strategy and media buying, along with a custom photo and video shoot, allowed for Masonic Village to reach their desired audiences across the various touchpoints with genuine depictions of what one can expect to be a part of when joining the Masonic Village community. This includes but was not limited to – print, direct mail, social, digital, in-store media and YouTube pre-roll.

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