Product Launch

Naming, Branding, Marketing, Video

A British fellow invented the foldable bicycle wheel, and Maddak, a provider of health care aid products, bought the invention and turned it into a foldable wheel chair wheel. Maddak came to Spitball with nothing more than the wheel. We infused life into the product by giving it a name, a brand identity and developed the communication materials to launch the product.

Morph Wheels Logo Design

Naming and Logo Design

Spitball’s naming process is extensive. We look at a variety of angles to create meaning for the brand, product, functionality and benefits. Countless brand names were thrown on the Spitball wall that had various inspirations from Greek goddesses to hybrid words. The idea that stuck was a name that spoke to both the product and audience benefits. Morph represented the wheel’s ability to change shape but more importantly because it provides more mobility convenience, it helps change lives – ultimately changing the way people think of wheel chair wheels.

Creative Marketing Materials

How do you capture such a dynamic product that changes shape in a printed piece? We could have simply shown different images but that would not be the Spitball way. The creative team produced a lenticular card that when viewed at different angles showed the open and folded stages of the wheel. It not only captured the differentiation of the wheel but helped the product stand out.

Image description

Explainer and Product Demo Video

Maddak asked Spitball to produce a demo video on how to fold the wheel chair wheel. However we thought there was an opportunity to create a more compelling product story that included the reason-for-being, testimonials and finally a quick demonstration on how it works. The final result was a powerful but effective video that told the brand story.