B&G Foods - Dash Seasoning

Advertising Campaign

"A Dash a Day"

Many of us grew up enjoying the iconic brand Mrs Dash (remember the classic jingle) which was rebranded as Dash. B&G Foods came to Spitball in search of a makeover to modernize this piece of Americana. The first step was to learn what made Mrs Dash so popular in the first place. Blends of the best spices in the world combined with the fact that all Mrs Dash products were SALT-FREE made it clear that we needed to lean into this key differentiator.

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"A Dash A Day" Campaign

Spitball developed a campaign that encouraged consumers to turn to the amazing flavors of Dash without the worry of adding incremental sodium to their diets. “A Dash A Day Keeps the Salt Away” was the rally cry that sought to bring consumers to their spice cabinets on a daily basis to help elevate the flavors of their favorite foods. The creative visuals touted a kaleidoscope of the entire product line atop an inviting tabletop setting while highlighting the flavor cues that go into each and every bottle of Mrs Dash.

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A Dash of Joy!

Dash also signed on nationally renowned nutritionist Joy Bauer (The Today Show expert, Best Selling Author) to be the brand spokesperson. Spitball directed a photo shoot and radio recording to incorporate Joy into the base campaign creative. 

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Brand and Marketing Extensions

Now with an established identity and campaign, Spitball expanded out Dash’s communication across various marketing channels including traditional advertising, social media, digital advertising and updates to their website.