Orajel Kids

Social Media

Orajel Kids engaged Spitball to create an integrated brand strategy, marketing and advertising platform. Within social media, Spitball developed an overarching strategy grounded in providing parents relief through engaging content while inviting their kids to join in the fun.

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Spitball produced a range of content that positioned Orajel Kids channels as a beacon of constant support to the chaos of parenthood, offering weekly content that aimed to educate, entertain, inspire and inform parents in new and engaging ways.

Let’s start with our custom illustrated and animated brush timers featuring seasonal characters to keep the little ones occupied for two whole minutes!

We also had fun “crafting” some engaging content that leveraged our new scrapbook inspired design language for the brand.

We also felt inspired by the license partnerships in creating fun content.

Our “First Million Smiles” campaign came to life in social content which highlighted a series of every day smile moments.

But it’s not all fun and games, we created educational content that provided value to parents throughout the child’s life stages.