After a few years of not advertising to the masses, Church & Dwight tasked Spitball with the mission of crafting a new campaign for Orajel, the #1 brand within the toothache and mouth sore categories. As a category leader, it was our job to expand on existing brand loyalty and establish an emotional connection with our audience, while continuing to tout Orajel’s leading formula.

As a result of our exhaustive our strategic process, we determined that an inordinate amount of people grit through oral pain rather than seeking professional help. Whether it be for financial or other reasons, this implication means they unfortunately suffer through some of their favorite moments in life. Thankfully Orajel can immediately rescue you from life’s painful moments, allowing you to…

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The Smile Easy platform empowers those burdened with oral pain to take control of their most cherished experiences and fully enjoy them with a big, pain-free smile. By being able to stay in the moment, customers can immediately hit pause on oral pain and hit play on life.

To support the media plan, Spitball crafted, directed, and produced multiple commercial assets in both English and Spanish. Seen across broadcast, OLV, Amazon, and YouTube, the spots highlight people burdened by nagging oral pain and how they are immediately able to gain relief thanks to Orajel.

In addition to video, we also partnered with iHeart Radio to distribute highly-dynamic audio advertising that was tailored to our audience based on various triggers such as location, time of day, day of the week, or special occasions.

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