Red Bank

Advertising Campaign

"Work of Art"

For those of you unfamiliar with New Jersey, Red Bank is a darling of a town just minutes from the Jersey Shore (no, not that Jersey Show). It’s often been referred to as “the SOHO of New Jersey” and it’s also been Spitball’s home from the past 13 years. When starting an advertising agency in New Jersey, Red Bank was the perfect choice as it had so much to offer from award-winning restaurants, theater, shopping, eclectic services to a riverfront.

So when Red Bank RiverCenter came to us to develop a campaign to tie all of these wonderful offerings together without slighting any of the business owners in town, we thought we were being set up. There is no way this can be done. Where are the hidden cameras?

Our team immediately got to work by interviewing shop owners, chefs, patrons, hair dressers, residents, bartenders, manicurists, photographers, musicians and more to learn more about what attracted them to Red Bank. What we found wasn’t in what people said but where they said it. It was right there in front our eyes the whole time.

Image description

As we know, art comes in all shapes and sizes and is truly in the eye of the beholder. A short stroll around Red Bank reveals so much of the beauty that encapsulates it. Art is in the way the chef plates a dish. Art is in the way a performer delivers his lines. Art is the way a bartender garnishes a cocktail. Art is the way clothing store dresses their window front. Art is the uniqueness and architecture of historically old buildings.

To bring this art to life, Spitball developed a series of creative executions featuring custom illustration work (art) of all of the little things that make Red Bank special. These illustrations, when melded together, formed an iconic representation of the town. This ensured that the campaign paid off the strategic line while also having all of the business owners and stake holders strolling the streets in perfect harmony.

Art Martini
Art Map
Art Shoe

The media plan consisted of print, outdoor and social to bring the campaign to life and has been extended to unique executions in social media that leverages the multiple illustration concept.