Video Concept and Production

In concert with the cheese wheel in-store displays, Spitball created video content which would display on the monitors as well as fuel a new social media campaign. The ask from our client was to “create Tasty-style videos”. You know, the hands-in-pans, overhead recipe videos that evvvvvvveryone is doing.

Mama Mia we needed to do something different!

This is a product that was very much about family bonding time and tradition. We wanted the videos to emote this emotional connection with the target audience and turn everyone just a little bit Italian. Spitball scripted and storyboarded eight different videos, each rallying around a custom recipe including:

Party Mix
Mac and Cheese
Brussels Sprouts

In order to maximize the production budget, we used the kitchen of a Spitballer’s grandmother which allowed us far more flexibility in staging and timing. A curtained window” was constructed that was backlit and fanned to help create a cascading ripple of light to wash across the set, mimicking the warmth of an Italian cottage.

The videos starred local chefs and the children of the crew, another major financial savior, and went beyond just demonstrating a recipe. The videos told a story about a person’s love for food and the importance of special moments within the family.

Retailers were so pleased that a second series of videos have been ordered and the videos spurred a meteoric rise in social followers.