Ricochet Branding

Second-Hand Toy Store

What was once old becomes new again. In this case, a former Spitball client came back to us to develop a new identity for their latest business venture. Ricochet Kids is a second-hand toy store where toys are refurbished and reimagined into affordable, play-ready sets to help reduce plastic waste and give old toys new life.

Spitball conjured up our wildest childhood imaginations as we embarked on this branding exercise. Many vintage toys (and memories) were at our creative fingertips as inspiration during the process. One toy in particular struck a chord for us and the company mission. What goes around, often comes back around to bring endless joy time and time again – and what better represents this idea than an old-school boomerang? The classic toy became the basis for the Ricochet logo, combining a vibrant color palette with custom typography to create a fun and whimsical brand.

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