Reproductive Medicine Associates of NJ

"Stay Positive" Campaign

Reproductive Medicine Associates of NJ is a fertility clinic with a handful of offices in New Jersey. Through a third-party organization that measures birth rates of fertility clinics, RMANJ was considered a leader not just in the state but across the country. However, their marketing and image did not reflect their leadership status, and simply blended in with the rest of the fertility market.

The Birth of an Idea

As part of our extensive discovery process, Spitball met with doctors, nurses, existing patients, former patients, referring physicians and sat in on new patient consultations. We compared the charts of current advertising, as well as competitive activity with our findings and the results were more fascinating than a gender reveal party. Those going through infertility did NOT want to see babies in marketing because it was viewed as an over-promise and highly insensitive, yet was the standard imagery across the industry. What made matters worse is their message of “Miracles Do Happen” was counter to RMA’s investment in science which provides industry leading success rates.

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Stay Positive Campaign

The major differentiator of our campaign versus competitors was the unique focus on the couple. The brand platform of Stay Positive spoke to the emotional struggles that come with infertility, as well as the hope of a positive sign with a pregnancy test. Support data helped reinforce the empathetic message and drive their market leadership position.

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Patient Marketing

Spitball scrapped all existing patient education literature and sales tools, and redesigned them to mirror the new brand design platform. We carefully casted and directed a custom photo shoot to ensure that the right emotions were being captured. In addition to core communication elements, Spitball produced materials for specialty markets and ethnic audiences.

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Service Productization

In addition to being leaders in IVF results, RMANJ were pioneers in medical advancements and procedures. Spitball helped productize, brand and market these specific techniques to make them more tangible and relatable to prospective patients.

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Ultimate Patient Portal

Couples going through infertility seek information just like every other health issue. The redesigned RMANJ website reflected the new brand platform, better positioned them into the market and provided patients with the information they needed throughout their journey. Testimonials, doctor profiles, services and industry-verified delivery reports gave patients the confidence they sought in choosing a fertility center.

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Spitball delivered quantifiable results for RMANJ in just 18 months with a 40% increase in patient volume. With over 40 competitive clinics in a 200 mile radius, that was no “small feet”!

"Our work with Spitball helped us better differentiate ourselves in a highly competitive and a very sensitive area of healthcare. They brought a great amount of strategic thinking and creativity to help us grow."