As one of Church & Dwight’s flagship oral care brands, Spinbrush was looking to market its new line of Smart Clean toothbrushes geared specifically toward tweens, a largely untapped oral care audience. At the most pivotal time in their mouth’s development, the unique needs of tween brushers were overlooked by most competitors. Tweens were subject to choosing from either the licensed characters from their childhood or the expensive technology of an advanced adult brush.

Leading the charge on the product’s launch, Spitball formulated a strategic communications plan and campaign strategy to drive in-store sales by giving a much-needed voice to this “lost generation of brushers.”


For parents, keeping up with tweens can prove to be a nearly impossible task. On one hand, parents want to give their tween the freedom to explore new hobbies and their budding personalities. On the other hand, there is a growing pressure on parents to stay on top of their tweens to maintain established healthy habits on their own.

To fully understand this delicate balance, Spitball dug deep into consumer data to uncover an opportunity for Spinbrush to shine. With the educational-focused features of the Smart Clean toothbrush, parents didn’t have to tell their tweens what to do, but rather empower them with the right tool to confidently embrace their brushing independence. Thus, the overarching campaign “Keep Up with Independent Smiles” was born.

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In order to connect at a human level to tweens and their parents across social media, Spitball paired functional Smart Clean product features (like the 2-minute timer, quadrant pacer, non-slip grip, and faster spinning brush head) to tweenage traits in order to encourage healthy brushing habits. This approach allowed for a nice balance of brand-centric claims while explicitly showcasing the demo age group and personalities of those who are meant to use the products.

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Prior to the full launch, cryptic social media posts were shared to tease the styles of the toothbrushes – “Shimmery Sparkle” and “Glow in the Dark.” These exciting product designs along with their smart features help differentiate Smart Clean brushes from Spinbrush’s line of kids products.

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Mom Tok to Build Trust

Once the Smart Clean toothbrush launched in Walmart, Spitball partnered with five mom creators and their actual tweens to develop custom, authentic video assets to educate parents on the benefits of the new brush and where to find it in store/online. Each video took a different spin, highlighting common problems tweens face (i.e. braces) and how the Smart Clean toothbrush is the ideal tool to help transition their child to brushing independence. The relatability of the creator content helped drive over 186K clicks to the Walmart PDP, with top-performing influencers crushing the industry benchmark with a total CTR of 1.17%.

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