The idea for Sutudu sparked from the frustrations of independent filmmakers, who after moving mountains to produce their art, found themselves habitually stonewalled by the archaic gatekeepers of film distribution. Those brand founders came to Spitball looking for a brand look and attitude that boldly challenges the status quo, while igniting the passion of the film community.

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Picture Freedom

Sutudu’s platform for hands-on and crowd-sourced distribution empowers anyone who shoots or produces films to picture an immediate future with more freedom to control the destiny of what they create. Spitball created a voice, personality and purpose that affirms Sutudu’s belief that film distribution should be as much in independent artists’ control as film creation. “Sutudu” is Vietnamese for “freedom,” and so the logo was forged from a melding of Eastern written language, Western symbolism, and universal future-forward design. Our flame icon is an abstraction of the letters in “SUTUDU” meant to serve as an entirely new language of freedom for people of all cultures.

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To ensure that the fire of our brand identity burns consistently and impactfully, Spitball created robust brand guidelines from the foundational convictions of the brand to color, typography, iconography and imagery.

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