Trojan Fragrances

Social Media

Most know the Trojan brand as a responsible part of practicing safe sex. But the brand was looking to take it one step further – or should we say backward – by introducing Trojan Fragrances to help enhance the time leading up to the magical moment. Featuring a fragrance for men, one for women and one for all, the Spitball team looked to deliver custom content through a paid social campaign that raised eyebrows, awareness and purchase intent.

A mix of static, animated and video content was created across various content types and topics to engage the audience. It started with a Launch post and quick hitting timely posts.


A series of quick-hitting humorous reels were created to stop our target audience in their never-ending social scrolling along with static posts that leaned into relatable moments. Knowing our audience and their social habits, our content highlighted specific products with fragrance profiles inspired by popular “swipe” feature common across modern dating, online quizzes and more.

Blame 1
Blame 2
Blame 3
Match 1a
Match 1b