Global Handwashing Day

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According to UNICEF, 600,000 children die each year and over 1.7 billion are diagnosed with diarrheal diseases. These statistics could be greatly reduced simply by washing hands with soap and water.

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Spitball created a brochure through UNICEF to empower over 190 countries to adopt better hand cleaning practices. Through easy to digest information and graphics to communicate the ease in which this epidemic could be thwarted, the colorful characters of Suds, Drops and Handy were introduced to help deliver the message that “Clean Hands Save Lives.”

The 48-page brochure for UNICEF mapped out the basics of handwashing, the critical facts and benefits around handwashing and information on how people could not only be more involved in the effort, but how they can implore the support of policy makers and key stakeholders to broaden the message.