Reckitt Benckiser

VEO Active Probiotic Cleaner

Campaign, Media Planning and Product Launch

Today’s household cleaners fall into two general categories – traditional and green. Traditional cleaners are full of harsh cleaners which may not be healthy but typically get the job done. Green cleaners don’t use harsh chemicals but they might not provide the best clean you are looking for. You have to sacrifice when choosing your cleaner. Up until now.

Reckitt Benckiser, the makers of Lysol, created VEO which uses active probiotics – a science commonly found in gut health. Active probiotics are cultures that eat away at bad germs while leaving good germs to continuously clean after the initial wipe. With VEO’s clear scientific advantage over both traditional and green cleaners, Spitball developed a campaign that leaned heavily into the scientific brand differentiation. However, since VEO was creating an entirely new category of cleaners, the campaign needed to educate the audience about this revolutionary new way to clean.

Spitball needed to change how people thought about clean. Since VEO uses both surfactants and active probiotics to get a truly deep clean and one that reaches cracks and crevices, Spitball developed a brand platform for “Go where your clean has never gone before.” The message lent itself to a variety of marketing messages and all laddered up to Go VEO as the strong call to action.

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Digital Video Ad

In order to disrupt the marketplace, the digital video campaign centered around ‘putting your clean under a microscope.’ This set the stage for a microscopic comparison that utilized custom 3D visualization of dirt in cracks and crevices which was the underlying functional advantage for VEO. The animation depicted how VEO cleaned deep below the surface continuously for 4 days compared to other cleaners who just clean at the surface. The video ad mirrored the laboratory test results of clearly seeing the difference in a cutting board surface.

Veo Key Visual

Brand Key Visual

The brand design direction leveraged VEO packaging graphics which were extracted and designed to be a scientific visual motif. The VEO ‘nodes’ were incorporated into a typical molecular pattern to create a uniquely branded texture. The treatment was then animated in the spirit of constantly living and moving molecules. The overall aesthetic combined a scientific tone with a clean modern environment. Too many products utilize greenwashing and Spitball wanted to ensure that the brand’s communication focused on the science of clean because it had the results to prove it.


Product Launch Plan

Spitball developed the marketing launch plan which included social, digital video, PR outreach, event marketing and others. Social advertising featured a mix of video, animated GIF and static images to help create brand awareness and product education. The brand aesthetic was weaved into their trade show experience along with a launch kit sent to influencers and press.

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Direct-to-Consumer Launch

VEO was launched as a D2C brand therefore Amazon was critical to their success. Spitball created Amazon Marketing Service advertising and their Amazon A+ page to communicate the brand and product differentiation.