B&G Foods

Weber Sauces and Seasonings


B&G Foods, a leader in consumer food products such as Green Giant, Cream of Wheat, Ortega, Victoria and Mrs Dash, licenses the Weber Grill name for a line of premium grill seasonings. They were looking for a new brand campaign to launch the official start to grilling season.

Spitball digested A&U studies, met with key “steak” holders and personally sampled the product – by far the toughest part of the job. We learned about the specifically formulated size of the spices, how they are harvested, blended and formulated to sustain the intense heat from the grill. The brand team had established “Flavor that Stands Up to the Fire” but tasked Spitball with delivering an overarching brand strategy to create a strong, layered messaging architecture.

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A Well Done Brand Platform

There are grills, then there are Weber Grills. The brand is iconic and with a high affinity and loyalty for Weber Grills, we wanted to borrow from the strong brand equity to elevate the consumer perception of the grill seasonings. We wanted to invite the audience to use only the best from the makers of the best with a clear benefit. Spitball conceived the brand platform of “Trust the Grilling Experts” to leverage the brand’s leadership and expertise in grilling to establish overarching credibility which reinforces the product benefit of “Flavor that Stands Up to the Fire.”

For the creative execution, Spitball looked to sear the appetite appeal into the minds of consumers by leveraging the uniqueness of the product caps which play into the traditional Weber Grill lid. Spitball gave consumers a proverbial peek under the hood with each bottle and accentuated the sophistication of the product by leveraging the brushed steel of the grill.

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Putting Our Grill Marks on the Category

Spitball rolled out the new creative and messaging through multiple touch points. Paid support targeted both hardcore and recreational grillers. Regional News America programs and displays helped grab consumer interest in aisle.

A comprehensive social media calendar was developed to bring our audience through the customer journey. Video ads drove appetite appeal while introducing the seasoning brand. Brand influencer content help the audience perfect their craft while recipe content brought user suggestions into aspirational content.

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Searing Success!

All told, our efforts outpaced our goals by 25% in multiple KPIs. The campaign and content reached 15mm who engaged nearly 3mm times with the brand content.