We all see a lot of advertising in our everyday life. From the more obvious billboards to the subtle product placement in tv shows, there are many forms of advertising that try to seek your attention in growing competitive marketplaces.

Sadly the newest form of advertising we are seeing lately is what we call Non-Apologetic Apologetic Advertising. More and more companies accidentally or purposefully (got caught) breaking their audience’s trust. Now they seek to earn it back through advertising, without actually saying they are sorry to the consumers they lost. Facebook doesn’t actually own up to their own issues and almost hints that its others who have wronged, Uber doesn’t mention anything except for the future forward message, where Wells Fargo acknowledges it but doesn’t come out and overtly say they are remorseful. It’s a tough line to toe especially with legal teams advising not to admit guilt, but with today’s consumer looking for transparency, honesty and meaning, these ads only seem to insure the brands stay top of mind with a better positive spin than the current consumer sentiment.