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Anthony Torre

I’m a proud life-long New Jerseyan who didn’t even venture outside the state for college (Go RU). I peaked athletically in eighth grade, but I’m still on the path towards mental greatness, relentlessly pushing myself to think what hasn’t been thunk.

Road to Spitball

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    First Job

    Deli Boy

    Most kids in Jackson, NJ worked at Great Adventure. Nope, not me. I got stuck slinging lunch meats at my parents' deli. It wasn't all bad though. This is where I learned my first valuable marketing lesson when a customer suggested that I should price soda at $0.99 instead of $1.00. The difference of a single penny makes such a simple, perceptual difference.

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    Banquet Waiter

    While in college, I waited on pompous club members, danced with the mother-of-the-bride at weddings (true), feasted on countless appetizers, ravaged raw bars and played lots and lots of free golf.

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    Once a student, now a die-hard alum and (fast forward twenty years) an agency advocate.

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    Inside Edition

    Production Intern

    While at Rutgers, I spent a year as a production intern at the sensationalized news show. An alumni of my fraternity was one of the leading producers so instead of spending the day on the phone with whack jobs pitching their stories, I got hands-on training in the editing bay which awoke an unknown passion that has stayed with me since.

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    Account Director

    I was fortunate to led the strategic and creative development behind countless launches for some of the country’s biggest brands including Dentyne, Trident, Johnson’s Baby, Rolaids, Aveeno, Clean & Clear and others. Ever the consummate team player, I once "volunteered" to dress up as a bee for a Johnson & Johnson sales meeting for the launch of a bug repellent. I was so ingrained in those brands that, to this day, I still cringe when people refer to any adhesive bandage as a BAND-AID.

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    So It Begins...

    After a clandestine series of meetings at Macaroni Grill and Houlihan's, I teamed up with Steve Bailey and "spitballed" the idea of starting the kind of creative agency that we’d want to work for: the type of place where wonky yet brilliant ideas flowed like beer from the tap. After debating 133 different names and polishing off 28 plates of wings, Spitball was born and we haven't looked back (well, I just kinda did).

Betcha Didn't Know Torre...

Auditioned for Survivor three times and the Amazing Race once

Never got a single call back.

Betcha Didn't Know Torre...

Can recite the entire iconic Dalai Lama scene from Caddyshack

Gunga galunga.

Betcha Didn't Know Torre...

Wrote 40 pages of a screenplay called "The Guyological Clock"

About a fella in his early 30's who is dodging the pressures of marriage and fatherhood.

What Makes Torre Tick

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    Movie I could watch on a loop

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    Buffalo Wings

    Food I'd take with me on a deserted island

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    Walt Disney

    Person in history I'd most like to meet

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    Song I know
    every word to


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