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Daena Faiman

I have a passion for helping clients elevate brand creative, ad performance and have a knack for keeping deadlines on track. When I’m not multi-tasking or running client accounts, you can find me keeping busy with my two girls, enjoying the outdoors and endlessly searching for the best burger in New Jersey.


  • Camp counselor with kids
    First Job

    Babysitter/Camp Counselor

    Growing up, I always wanted to work with kids and had many jobs babysitting/taking care of little ones. I initially went to the University of Delaware to pursue a teaching career but quickly pivoted to Communications…before ever taking a teaching class.

  • Delaware Blue Hens logo

    University of Delaware

    I’m a proud Blue Hen! It was here I learned that I have an exceptionally loud laugh but thankfully it only awakens when I find something really funny. I can turn all heads in a stadium-sized classroom of students.

  • Health products

    Ogilvy CommonHealth

    As an assistant media planner for the agency-of-record for Johnson & Johnson, I worked with numerous well-known brands, buying and planning advertising in medical journals and publications.

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  • Kids toys

    Toys R Us

    I was part of the end of an era! I worked in marketing and media planning for Toys R Us / Babies R Us for almost half a decade and had so much fun media planning, buying and working on TV commercials for one of the world’s most iconic retail companies. It’s true, “I Wanna be a Toys R Us Kid”! Unfortunately for kids everywhere, the store is now out-of-business.

  • Luxury house with pool

    Toll Brothers

    One of my favorite jobs, I worked for America’s Luxury Home Builder™ for 7 years as a Media Planner and Client Relationship Manager. I handled all advertising, planning, strategy and digital copy and creative for four northeast states, working with each new community from pre-construction to sell-out.

  • Hand on keyboard with account management illustrations
    Account Manager


    Coming from the corporate world, I can tell you wholeheartedly that Spitball has more creative talent than companies with creative teams of 40+ people. As an Account Manager, I have seen “creative” teams that are not-so creative who work off of creative-briefs. Too often, the work received is a literal mock-up of what I wrote with zero deviation from my own non-creative vision. Spitball is the exact opposite of that. Collaboration, exceptional designs and outside-of-the-box ideas are in the water here. I can’t wait to see what we come up with next.

Betcha Didn’t Know…

Daena's Greatest Pet Peeve is Loud Chewers

Clipping your nails at work is a close second.

Betcha Didn’t Know…

Daena is Dangerously Allergic to Bees

Found out the hard way on her 25th birthday. Ended up in the hospital for 3 days.

Betcha Didn’t Know…

Daena Has Traveled to India Three Times

A life changing, culture shock every time.


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    Chalk painting furniture

    Hidden Talent

  • Johnson & Johnson logo
    Camping with friends (it was cooked on a rock!)

    Best Steak I Ever Had

  • Johnson & Johnson logo
    Hula hooping

    Can Beat Anyone At

  • Johnson & Johnson logo
    Diet Lemon Snapple

    Favorite (0.0 ABV) Drink