La Viuda Food Company

Corporate Identity / Logo Design

La Viuda Food Company was inspired by the legacy of Senora Sanchez, a “viuda” or widow who honored her late husband’s memory by selling the homemade hot sauce he cherished in life. This sauce became the cornerstone for the exciting new food brand which Spitball imbued with a unique identity to match the spirit and elegance of its story and products.

Spitball created a geometric version of a marigold flower, capturing the beauty and essence of La Viuda Food Company. It embodies the deeper meaning of La Viuda’s origin, which was rooted in love and a passion for real spice as a conduit for real human interaction.

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In Mexican culture, marigolds honor those who have passed away. Though it is called the “Flower of the Dead”, the marigold is a living representation of the spirit that carries on, a symbolic depiction of La Viuda herself who honors the life and legacy of her husband and the richness of their native food through the growing brands of La Viuda Food Company.

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Spitball also designed signage, presentations and business cards using a gold foil finish to further establish the brand’s elegant and artistic quality.

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