Ballin’ Out – Winning at the NJ Ad Club Awards

Actors are validated by them. Poet Laureates have them on their shelves. Even the toy versions of Poodles have taken home the prize. So why can’t we win awards? Well we did…and it was quite a lot of them.

The passion behind what we do at Spitball is never motivated by the prospect of winning trophies. It’s driven by the desire to achieve creative and strategic greatness that allow our clients to thrive.

Throughout the years, Spitball has been fortunate to win a number of honors but none more than at the recent NJ Ad Club Awards where the team took home a wheelbarrow’s worth of trophies while donned in our finest video conferencing fashions. While we certainly aren’t seekers of praise, it’s always a nice morale boost for our team to have peers in the industry recognize the high-quality work that Spitball consistently produces.

This year’s honorees ranged from launching a new hot sauce and laundry detergent, original package design for a new snack food, creating multiple social campaigns and developing an annual report for a leading corporation. It was especially gratifying given the perils and upheavals that we’ve all faced during the past year which speaks volumes to our teams perseverance.

Each time our name was called was genuinely a welcome surprise but none more so than when the lights dimmed and a special video presentation revealed that Spitball was named the Outfront Media Cutting Edge Creative Agency of the Year. This prestigious award celebrates boundary breaking creativity and innovative campaign executions that move the industry forward. It is given to the agency that displayed outstanding work consistently across different advertisers and media channels. This was quite an honor and a tribute to the unrelenting creative tenacity that runs through the entire Spitball team.

Here were the big winners of the night!



Best of Collateral: De La Viuda Art of Spice Direct Marketing Self Mailer

Best of Digital Media: De La Viuda Art of Spice Website



Social Media for Brand Building: Weber Seasonings

Social Media Not for Profit: Red Bank Holiday Series and Date Night In

Digital Media Campaign, 3 or More Elements: Botanical Origin

Direct Marketing Self Mailer: De La Viuda Art of Spice

Consumer Website: De La Viuda Art of Spice

Printed Annual Report: IEEE

Packaging Design: Crazy Maize Corn Snacks



Social Media, Single Platform: Better Than Milk & Cookie Exchange

TV Spot: Rutgers University, Stay Strong